Economic Development


  • We aspire to be a very livable rural community, co-existing in a mutually beneficial way with the large urban area to the east.
  • We aspire to become a key hub and destination on the regional trail system, providing appropriate services for users of the trails including restaurants, lodging, and needed services.
  • We aspire to be the hometown for hundreds of families of all types, providing affordable, quality housing and neighborhoods.
  • We aspire to be a unique place where people wishing to pursue home based businesses and cottage industries will find a willing and welcoming environment, taking into account the proximity of Oregon's Silicon Forest businesses.  This means providing accommodating zoning rules, top-quality infrastructure, and a district of commercial and professional services providing for the needs of these small businesses.
  • We aspire to have a thriving downtown district with prosperous merchants and professionals, low vacancy rates, and vibrancy in appearance, diversity of businesses, and patronage.
  • We aspire to provide opportunities for businesses to located and thrive providing for the day-to-day needs of residents and visitors.
  • We aspire to be unique in our character, opportunities, culture, and attitude, to stand out as a terrific place to live, work, play, shop and learn.
  • We aspire to be a community where youth have ample attractive opportunities for local employment, both while in school and for their careers
  • We aspire to be a place of note, not a wide spot on the highway to the Coast, where we are respected as a great community and a great place to visit, as well as a great place to live.

To achieve these aspirations, the Banks Economic Development Commission will follow this strategy to create the needed plans and implementation framework. The Economic Development Commission is currently working to implement the following initiatives as outlined in Bank’s Economic Strategic Plan: Main Street Revitalization, Industry & Commerce Development, Marketing & Communications, New Community Park, Community Center, Bicycle Amenities & Infrastructure, and Parking. 

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